Pulmonary Embolism, Questions

1. Which decision rule(s) do you use to determine if a patient is low or very low risk for PE?EML PE Questions

2. Are there any situations in which you modify the d-dimer threshold for ruling out PE? If so, when?

3. To which patients do you give thrombolytics for PE?

4. When, if ever, do you discharge a patient diagnosed with PE?

PE Questions Poster

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2 Responses to Pulmonary Embolism, Questions

  1. James Mitchiner says:

    1. Wells, Geneva, Clinical gestalt
    2. Yes. If D-dimer negative and clinical suspicion high, I image.
    3. Only patients who are crashing & I suspect saddle embolus AND CV surgeon not available for emergent Trendelenburg procedure.
    4. I admit all PE’s.

  2. Net somente para vulgarização dos produtos.

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