How do I use this?

We seek to encourage discussion and debate amongst emergency physicians at all levels of training, experience, and from a panoply of practice settings.

Each month, a set of questions will be published online, to our RSS feed, and to your inbox (if you subscribe). They will include a poster of the questions to print out and post in clinical areas, your departmental lounge, the computer lab, truck stop bathrooms, or any other location you see fit. Our aim is to stimulate conversation amongst practitioners in our specialty, in “real time” during clinical practice, online, and beyond.

We encourage you to join the debate on the web page, on twitter (@emlyceum), or on Facebook. We also welcome you to email us with any ideas, burning clinical questions you’ve encountered, comments, or critiques, at

How not to use this (the obligatory disclaimer).

Although we love educated patients and those interested in their illness, this page is not intended for use by patients. It is strictly for the use of medical practitioners. Use of this blog and its associated media does not constitute the establishment of a physician-patient relationship.  Content posted on this site is not medical advice and should not be used to treat yourself. Every clinical scenario is different, so practitioners must use their medical judgment and thoughtful reading of the medical literature  The website authors will not be held responsible for any damages sustained from the use of this website.  The information on this website should not be used to establish standard of care for the purposes of legal procedures.