RSI Episode 2: Induction, Questions

Coming soon: the finale to our August 2011 magnum opus on ACS!

September 2011

1. What are the optimal characteristics for an induction agent for RSI?

2. What are the pros and cons for the following induction agents: etomidate, ketamine, propofol, midazolam?

3. Do you use etomidate for patients in septic shock? What do you make of the evidence for and against?

4. What agent (and dose) would you choose for each of the following patients:

  • 18 yo male MVC w/ head trauma, GCS 6 (100kg), Vitals: 125/70,   80, 100% on NRB
  • 45 yo female w/ status asthmaticus (80kg), Vitals: 95/55, 125, 92%
  • 63 yo male w/ PNA (80kg), Vitals: 70/40, 144, 93% on NRB
  • 47 yo male w/ EtOH withdrawal s/p Valium 350 mg over 2 hours (75kg), Vitals: 165/95, 137, 98% on NRB

RSI 2 Questions Poster



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