Pediatric Fever

1.  A well-appearing, 6 month-old girl has a 104 fever and has had two seizures on the day of presentation to the ED.  Do you perform an LP?

2.  A 22 day-old presents with a fever of 101.9, WBC count of 17K, and negative urine and CXR. You are unable to get the LP.  What antibiotics do you give the child?

3.  A 4 month-old has had a fever to 102 for five days. Exam is notable only for a well-appearing child with nasal crusties and a mildly red OP.  Flu swab is positive.   What else would you do before discharging this patient?

4.  Do you do bag urines?  In what scenarios?  When do you go straight to a catheterized specimen?

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