EM Lyceum was started by a group of emergency physicians at Bellevue Hospital Center.  The goal of the lyceum is to encourage academic debate within our field, discuss nuances and variation in clinical practice, and, above all, encourage learning in a non-intimidating, enjoyable fashion.  We welcome your comments, ideas, critiques, and ideas for new topics, at emlyceum@gmail.com

Founder, Editor

Whitney K. Bryant, MD, MPH

University of Cincinnati

Faculty Reviewer

Anand Swaminathan, MD, MPH

NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center

Resident Reviewers

Meghan Spyres, MD

Rachel Berkowitz, MD

Keegan Tupchong, MD

Amy Panzenbeck, MD

Kara Otterness, MD

Jonathan van de Leuv, MD

NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center

Natalie Kreitzer, MD

University of Cincinnati


Audrey Wagner, MD

Salil Bhandari, MD

NB:  No one involved in EM Lyceum has any financial disclosures to make or conflicts of interest related to the content.